'Sentinel' the ultimate barn style door
'Sentinel' the ultimate barn style door

'Sentinel' the ultimate barn style door

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A sliding, barn style door created for the OneTree Exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria as a collaboration. The adzed solid wood frame, as well as the live edge slabs, were hand built by Live Edge Design from the one Walnut tree dedicated to this project. 


 The centre artwork is a flow of all natural stones and crystals created by Ancient Art of Stone. 


 Each of the pebbles, crystals and semi-precious stones within this piece is known to have unique qualities, knowledge of which has been passed down to us from ancient civilizations of long ago. 


 Red Avatar Jasper carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration which resonates within the lower three Chakras. Resonating at the sacral, base and Earth Chakras. Its action takes the energy from the base Chakra and grounds it to Mother Gaia. It creates a strong connection to the earth and this is known to be very helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding. It gives deep insight into personal difficulties and gives you a strong sense of stability. This stone is also a powerful aid to the process of raising the Kundalini.


 Snakeskin Agate, a volcanic glass, was recently discovered in the lava tubes of Mt. St. Helens by a close friend of ours, an 82-year-old geologist.


 Beach pebbles are most beloved and magical, calling to you from both the land and the sea. These wondrous pebbles hold the energy of the earth and the water, creating a perfect balance between these elements which reside within each of us. Beach pebbles energetically connect you to your emotions yet keep you grounded in the earth. They bring comfort to hold and help release worries from everyday stress.


 300 million-year-old Ammonite is a wonderful tool to assist in moving from the Old to the New. To assist in being receptive to the fresh innovative forces which are available to you. Fossils assist you in your quest for transition, transformation and personal growth, helping you to understand the process of change. They also install a sense of quality and excellence in your environment. Ammonites, in particular, can assist in gaining perspective on the present, integrate information about the past or potential future. They have been known to be especially helpful for past life recall and connection with spirit guides. Aiding in reorienting yourself after entering altered states of consciousness. Traditionally they have long been used to honour our ancestors and to connect with ancient sources of knowledge. 


 Chrysocolla is known as a supportive goddess energy stone. Inspiring verbal expression and empowering both men and women to communicate in a clear, loving manner. It opens your throat Chakra and energizes the words you speak. It may help you to choose the best ways to communicate in aiding emotional healing in others. It is a profound in its assistance with truthful and heartfelt communication. Historically Chrysocolla was used by the American Indian people to bring strengthening and calming energy. This is a teaching stone, one that helps you to communicate the right words that each individual needs to hear at a given time. It is a peaceful stone that helps to motivate you to speak out about those things which are important to you as well as those issues that you feel others may benefit from hearing.


Ocean Jasper is an excellent healing stone which encourages a feeling of joy and elevated spirits. As they assist you in releasing negative feelings, you feel more optimistic. This is an excellent stone if you feel you need a lift. This crystal can help you to communicate more positively and allow loving feelings to be expressed in what you say. Working through your solar plexus Chakra, this stone helps you to enhance your personal power. Once you understand yourself better, you have a greater self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.


The back of the door is a solid, 50 Million-year-old fossil from an ancient, tropical freshwater lake, teeming with fossils of fish that over many millennia became petrified into this phenomenal stone.


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'Sentinel' the ultimate barn style door
'Sentinel' the ultimate barn style door
'Sentinel' the ultimate barn style door